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If you’re a dreamer searching to turn that dream into reality, you must do more than work on your craft! Yes, I’m talking about the parts of your goal you may hate. For example most artists just want to create but if they have no real connections they must open their mind to the side they hate, like marketing and promotion


Well they must in order to see real progress. See, just talent doesn’t get you anywhere anymore without the business part unless you’re truly lucky. We live in a world where everyday we have people going viral for the silliest things becoming a success. The average person watching probably thinks its easy and people are just posting and getting lucky.


But for the most part that’s truly not the case. I can’t stress how important it is for us dreamers to be creative with our craft and the business while maintaining the passion that pushed us to start this process. Sometimes we just have to motivate ourselves to do this because when you’re a dreamer to the world you may be a risk!


Your family might not be on board with you wanting to be a UFC fighter and only focusing on that just like they might think trying be a rapper is as likely as winning the lottery. Your friends might support you through likes and shares but not when you need real support like money or something. You may realize not many believe in your dream like you do.


You can’t let people shouting statistics and trying to tell you the “reality” of things discourage your strive to create the life you always dreamed of, doing the things you love! I probably don’t know you and you probably don’t know me but I’m here to tell you YOU CAN and with effort you WILL. Use your free time to research how to push your craft sometimes instead of creating.


Balance it out and you will be fine. Keep dreaming your success story is waiting to motivate others. Until next time-

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