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Spam is one of the worst forms of promotion, and should be avoided at all costs. Spamming a persons inbox is about as effective as throwing your CD at random people as they walk by. Imagine someone thew a CD at you… Would you feel like picking it up and listening to it?? Highly doubtful.. But today you are in luck. Today is the day you get to find out how to turn that annoying spam msg that is often ignored into a legit play and possibility of gaining a new fan. When you inbox someone have a conversation with them, ask them about their day etc. You know treat them like an actual human instead of just a place to dump links and expect plays. If you have a real conversation with someone and then ask if they will check out whatever it is you are promoting they are much more likely to do so than if you just sent that stale emotionless link.



Even though sometimes people play the spam links the likelihood of that is like finding a needle in the haystack. Why not increase your chances at success by adopting a new, less annoying, more effective system of promotion? Aren’t you tired of friends deleting you? Also do NOT randomly tag people with 99 others… Its the equivalent of screaming “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!” into a crowd and hoping someone listens.It is also not very effective. But if u simply make a post asking if you can tag people you will know exactly who is interested in what you offer. Take these things into account and start gaining more fans today.

Here’s a great free way to get your music out to people and build a buz.

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