> Time – Welcome to the Impeccable Nation


Stop telling yourself what you will do soon! Stop making plans in your head that most the time you never get around to! Just wake up in the morning and make time,make time to work on your dreams, make time for your happiness. You have time even if its not a lot DONT think that you don’t. If your a songwriter make sure you sit 10 min aside every day to just free write, doesnt matter if your all out of ideas write about not having any ideas or look around you pick something and write. It won’t always be good or even stuff your always proud of. But, your craft will grow and you will become the master at it you always dreamed about. If your a artist period same concept find time and work on you for you! If you working 40 a week 6 days a week with 3 kids but you really want to paint and be great. Dont be discouraged because you think its almost impossible,NO Everyday tell yourself that you can and take your 10 mins of perfecting your craft! If you work hard for it and dont ever let ago but also keep pushing forward and trying better your skills it will come. Cant nobody tell you it won’t only you can! So I’ll leave you with a question how does a person know something is impossible or won’t work if they gave up and stopped trying?

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