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Impeccable Skillz
Impeccable Skillz shared Kyle Cease's video.2018/03/19 @ 1:50
Impeccable Skillz
Kyle Cease
This is the real reason why what people think of you doesn't matter. Next event - Sept. 9 & 10 www.kylecease.com/september
Impeccable Skillz
Impeccable Skillz shared their video.2018/03/18 @ 20:02
I heard a remix to the Ultra Instinct theme on YouTube and the words just came to me it was Ultra Instinct in rap form haha! Check out this Dragon Ball Super verse🔥🔥🔥🔥
Impeccable Skillz
Impeccable Skillz
When you have to go Ultra Instinct🔥🔥🔥🔥 Sponsored by Dragon Ball Super Impeccablenation.com
Impeccable Skillz
Impeccable Skillz shared Young Verse's video.2018/03/17 @ 8:28
Come check me out LIVE @Mac's in lansing tonight!!!

Doors open @ 8pm tickets $10 at the door*

New single ---> https://youtu.be/8zsIZAc03DY
Impeccable Skillz
Young Verse
He killed it!
Impeccable Skillz
Impeccable Skillz2018/03/15 @ 20:50

My new song "Catch A L" just released on all streaming platforms Add it to your playlists*

Itunes ---> https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/catch-a-l-ftp-single/1359576444

Spotify ---> https://open.spotify.com/album/3TIpkbY0YWsUfLAWKKYzTz?si=IUCKq7jbSS-GjGJCteFQvw

YouTube ---> https://youtu.be/8zsIZAc03DY

Tag 5 friends and enter the free T-shirt giveaway*

Impeccable Skillz
Impeccable Skillz2018/03/15 @ 2:00
Let's start our morning with something fun.

Impeccable Skillz
Impeccable Skillz2018/03/14 @ 15:32

Last week i hit the studio to record a single for the new album Furnace Music i finished the song and released it (link in the comments)

Check it out and leave feedback if u have a few minutes💯💯💯


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Underground Rap World
Underground Rap World shared Underground On Top's video.2018/03/20 @ 21:58
Sumn dope from the homey N0va!! Check it out!! #UNDERGROUND
Underground Rap World
Underground On Top
Young Canadian artist drops a dope one! Agree or naw? By N0va 👈👈
Underground Rap World
Underground Rap World shared Old School RnB / Hip Hop / Old time faves's video.2018/03/20 @ 20:07
Good music
Underground Rap World
Old School RnB / Hip Hop / Old time faves
Lovers & Friends - Usher ft. Lil Jon & Ludacris
Underground Rap World
Underground Rap World shared Hip Hop & Rap's video.2018/03/20 @ 19:57
Underground Rap World
Hip Hop & Rap
Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay

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August 29, 2017 at 7:30 am

this is admin Darren. Me and skillz made this website. let me ask you. Is it dope or nah?

easy to use? any recommendations on changes?


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